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What To Expect from Rolfing®


Rolfing has a reputation of being painful. When I first thought about trying Rolfing for my chronic back pain, that was something I heard a lot—mainly from people who had never tried Rolfing! If you talk to someone who has received Rolfing, pain is not something they are likely to speak much about. What people really talk about is the release from pain that they have experienced with Rolfing. I will never work beyond your comfort level.

Rolfing is a Process

Because the goal of Rolfing is to balance the forces acting on your body, it is generally more successful over a series of sessions. Historically, Rolfing is done as a series of ten sessions, with each session having its own goal. Each session works a specific area of your body to ease strain patterns and facilitate movement. Each session builds on the work of the previous session. This approach allows your body to achieve its highest level of order and function. By relieving compensatory strain patterns, your body can find new possibilities for movement. Also because pain generally occurs at the areas of greatest strain, easing the strain can relieve your pain. Your body no longer needs to use as many muscles to perform the same activity and for this reason, your energy and vitality increase.

You can also use Rolfing to manage both chronic and acute pain without doing the 10 series. While the 10 series is most beneficial for producing lasting results, you can get the benefits of Rolfing with fewer sessions.

I will ask you to complete a Health Questionnaire before the first session and we will discuss this together. We will also discuss your goals and any questions you may have. For this reason, the first visit usually takes about 90 minutes.

A Typical Session

Sessions are usually 60-70 minutes. Before, during, and after the session, Iíll ask you to perform certain movements so I can evaluate structure and function. Most important, this allows us to evaluate changes over the course of a session. In Rolfing, we work together—I apply pressure and I ask you to move in a specific way. This frees and lengthens your connective tissue, restoring movement and function. Work is done on the table, sitting, standing, or a combination of the three. We may also discuss movement repatterning exercises you can do on your own to further the process. You can wear your regular underwear, or loose-fitting gym shorts; whatever you are most comfortable in.

Complimentary consultations are available for new clients. If you have further questions about Rolfing or to schedule an appointment, contact Steve at:
(336) 686-9800 or