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Why Rolfing® Structural Integration Works

Rolfing organizes your body’s soft connective tissue network. This connective tissue network, know as the myofascial system, is your body’s organ of structure. Fascia supports your skeleton and muscles, positions your bones, and gives your body its shape. The human body holds itself up with pairs of muscle groups functioning within a network of fascial sheaths. When one muscle contracts and shortens, the other must lengthen to maintain proper balance. For example, when your quadriceps contract, your hamstrings must lengthen. If that relationship is impaired through injury or chronic tension, the fascia shortens, movement is restricted, and the rest of your body must compensate to maintain balance. Rolfing frees your shortened fascia, which returns your muscles to a more balanced relationship, allowing you to move freely. Simply put, where there are strains and imbalances in your body, you’ll often experience impaired movement and pain. Rolfing restores balance, improves movement, and reduces pain.

Complimentary consultations are available for new clients. If you have further questions about Rolfing or to schedule an appointment, contact Steve at:336-686-9800 or